What are amber cubes/blocks?

What are amber cubes/blocks?

You don’t know what you are missing! Amber cubes are very special!

If you are not yet familiar with the scent cubes (amber cubes) from Morocco/Marrakesh, then you (unfortunately) don’t know what you are missing. The magical scent is quite difficult to describe and you really have to experience it yourself. The scent of amber cubes consists of the ingredients musk, amber, vanilla, rose, essential oils and wax. The scent can be described as soft, warm, sweet and sensual. There are even countries where they claim that the scent of amber cubes is lust-inducing… I can imagine, because the scent is really very warm and sensual.

What can you use the amber cubes for?

You can use the amber blocks as a home perfume/air freshener almost anywhere you want it to smell nice. Think, for example, of your living room, car, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, wardrobe, shop, office, salon, etc. What also smells great is if you put a little shavings / powder from an amber block in your vacuum cleaner bag, so that the wonderful smell is dispersed during vacuuming.

  • In your wardrobe, you can hang the scent cubes in a bag between the clothes or place them on a dish.
  • You can place the scent cubes on a nice dish in a desired space.
  • A small piece of an amber block can also be used in an (electric) fragrance burner.
  • The fragrance blocks are also good to use in the car (note that the block can melt due to the heat).
  • If you want to use the fragrance block as a body perfume, you can rub the fragrance block over the skin.

The smell of the amber blocks will diminish over time, but if you scrape it off, the smell will come back more. Don’t throw that shavings away, because you can still use it in your vacuum cleaner, but you can also put some of the shavings in a wax burner/scent burner.

Different scents of amber cubes from Morocco

There are many different scents of the amber cubes. We have the largest range of different scent cubes in the Netherlands. We have the following delicious scented cubes in our range:

How are Amber cubes made?

The amber cubes come from Morocco / Marrakesh and are made by hand in the traditional way, so the scent cubes can sometimes differ slightly from each other in shape, color and/or weight. But the size of the original blocks is about 4.5 cm long, 3.5 cm wide and 1.5 cm thick and weighs about 25 grams.

Amber cubes contain natural and artificial ingredients such as: Musk Ambrette, Musk Xylol, Vanaline, Rose powder, Essential oil, Perfume.

Can you make amber cubes yourself?

The amber cubes are almost impossible to make yourself. For that you would have to use the right ingredients in exactly the right proportions and the right materials to mix the ingredients and pour in cubes. It is much more convenient to just buy the blocks ready-made in a store. You could possibly make wax melts from the amber blocks, by melting a piece of the amber block and mixing it with the wax for the wax melts.

What should you pay attention to with the scent cubes?

Be careful because the scent block could cause stains on materials or clothing, because it contains wax, which is a bit greasy and can melt when it gets hot. So always make sure that you place the block on a dish or tray or hang it in a bag. What you also have to pay attention to is that the scent cubes are not suitable for consumption (just like a candle), so keep them away from small children.

If you want to remove the wax from an amber block from clothing, you probably won’t be able to do it by scrubbing or picking at it. There are some fairly easy ways to remove candle wax and other waxes from clothing and other fabrics. Click HERE to view the different solutions.

Curious about the amber cubes?

If you have become curious about the magical smell of the amber cubes, do not hesitate and just order them. Chances are you’ll be hooked on the scent after that, like so many others. If you already know the fragrance and are enthusiastic, then you know that you can order it from us from now on.

For those who would like to try out all the scents from our range, we have a number of very nice sample sets available:

InteriorScent is also a wholesaler for amber cubes

We import all kinds of amber cubes ourselves and supply to many retailers. So if you are also interested in buying the amber cubes for resale, we can help you. Click HERE for more information about our wholesale.

Of course I am very curious what you think of the Moroccan amber cubes and the scent. I would be very happy if you would like to share your experience in a review with the amber cubes on this InteriorScent.nl website.

I want to thank you for your interest in our website. If you have any questions, you can always send a message via email or whatsapp.


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